About This WebsiteAbout This Website

This website is intended to act as a central repository for a group of engines for the ScummVM gaming framework. The engines listed here fall into one of three categories:

  • Completed engines which aren't for Point and Click adventure games, and are thus not relevant for inclusion in the main ScummVM distribution
  • Orphaned game engines that need someone to take over work
  • In progress games engines that are still too early for submission/inclusion into the main ScummVM SVN

Anyone wanting to start work on any new engines is welcome to host their code in this project's SVN repository.

Any questions or issues related to ScummVM in general can be posted to the ScummVM Forums, or to the IRC channel, #scummvm on irc.freenode.net.


Completed EnginesCompleted Engines

Author: DreamMaster

This engine provides an interpreter for Infocom era games, as well as more recent games made using compilers like Inform. For non-developers, a ScummVM compilation with only the Gargoyle engine enabled is available for download from this project's SourceForge Page. Source is available from this project's SVN.

As the only engine listed on this website which can be considered 'complete', any bugs discovered in this game engine should be reported in this project's Bug Tracker, rather than in the main ScummVM Bug Tracker.

Below are some sample screenshots of some of the Infocom games running under ScummVM:




In-Progress EnginesIn-Progress Engines

Author: Various

This engine is intended to implement support for the game Sanitarium, released in 1998 by ASC Games. The engine has seen a lot of progress, but one of the major contributors, Alexbevi, is having to take a hiatus for several months, so it may be a while before the engine sees regular work on it again.

The project is located at the asylumengine project at Google Code.

Screenshots of the game below:

Author: DrMcCoy

The game Dark Seed 2 used a different engine than that of the first game. DrMcCoy is currently working on implementing this engine.

The GIT repostiory for the engine can be found here. A sample in-game screenshot is shown below:

Author: alexbevi

The DGDS was used as the basis of several games developed by Dynamix, including Heart of China, Rise of the Dragon, and The Adventures of Willy Beamish. This engine is being worked on by alexbevi.

The project is located at the scummvm-dgds group at Google Code.

Author: Rafal Rzepecki

This engine is intended to provide support for the games created by Divde By Zero.

A Git repository for the work in progress engine can be found here.

Author: salty-horse

This engine is intended to provide support for the game Kindgom O' Magic, a fantasy adventure game spoof developed by SCi Games Ltd in 1996.

The project page is currently located here. Screenshots of the game below:




Orphaned EnginesOrphaned Engines

Igor: Igor: Objective Uikokahonia
Author: cyx

The Igor engine is an implemenetation of the game Igor: Objective Uikokahonia. The engine currently only supports the game's demo. The logic for the full game is hard-coded into the game's executable, so this engine is waiting for someone to take over work on it.

There has been recent work on a stand-alone intrepreter here, so may be possible for someuse to use as a basis for making a complete implementation for ScummVM.

Screenshots from the demo version of the game is below:

MADS/M4: MicroProse Adventure Development System
Author: Various

This is an in-progress attempt to provide support for two related series of games. The first incarnation of MADS was used for the games Rex Nebular, Return of the Phantom, and Dragonsphere. A second revision of the engine, dubbed 'M4', was later used for two games: The Riddle of Master Lu and Orion Burger.

DreamMaster is currently working on support for the Rex Nebular, but the engine could also use someone to work on the M4 side of the engine. The source code for this engine is already part of the main ScummVM SVN.

Screenshots of the progress in both Rex Nebular and Orion Burger below:


Author: clone2727

This is an engine providing preliminary support for the Star Trek: 25th Anniversary game. The current engine supports the music format and can load game backgrounds, but does not contain any game logic. It is wanting an author to take over development work of it.

The source for this engine has been relocated to this project's SVN.

Author: Kerbox

The current Tinsel engine in the ScummVM SVN already has support for both Discworld, and Discworld II: Missing Presumed ...!?. The TinselNoir project is an attempt to extend the current engine to also support the game Discworld Noir, which used a modified version of the engine used by the first two games.

No major gameplay functionality has yet been implemented, and the primary developer, Kerbox, has not made any recent commits. As such, the project can be considered inactive.

Author: yazoo

The TwinEngine is an implementaiton of the game engine for Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure (aka Little Big Adventure).

The source for this engine is available in two forms: As a standalone game engine, and also as a Diff File to create a ScummVM engine.